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Simona Margherita Marcia (Simarght) is a freelance documentary photographer currently based in Madrid, Spain.

Originally from Turin, Italy, she has an international background in translation, photojournalism, and psychology. Her work focuses on capturing insightful narratives on the themes of personal and family identity, cultural memory, conflict, travel, and migration. 

Her practice explores the interconnection between individuals and their own emotional experience within internal and external environments in different countries across the world.

Photojournalism - EFTI, Madrid
Visual Storytelling - The International Center of Photography (ICP), New York
Exhibition Design - Instituto Mexicano de Curaduría y Restauración, Mexico City
Curatorial Practices - NODE Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin
Photo Editing - Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milan

2022 - group exhibition, Ciclofficina Bicerin, Turin
2016 - "Hands of Music & Other Details" solo exhibition, BASE, Milan
2016 - Steve McCurry + Electa Mondadori winner
2016 - B.S. Gioielli "La forma segue l'emozione" winner


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